The Big Releaski Featuring Petals of Spain and Eldren

Tonight is a big night at Moe’s BBQ (South). They are hosting The Big Releaski party for both Petals of Spain and Eldren. Why is it called the Big Releaski? Well Eldren is releasing a new *Free* EP and Petals of Spain are debuting “Lady Luck.”

But, that doesn’t explain why it is called “The Big Releaski!” That is because tonight is also a theme night, and what better place to have a Big Lebowski themed party than at a bowling alley!

I really hope someone dresses up like this guy (*ahem* Nick Crawford):

Before heading down to Moe’s, be sure to go to Eldren’s website and download their first EP which will only be available for the rest of today. Did I mention it is free? And awesome? Go do it now.

Also check out Petals of Spain’s MySpace page to hear some of their old tracks. Starting tomorrow they will be taken down and never heard again (unless you see them live).

As if bowling, free music and Big Lebowski were not good enough reasons to come to Moe’s, the following bands are opening:
In The Whale

For your viewing pleasure, Eldren:

Petals of Spain:

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