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New Music Thursday – Andrew McMahon

Another day, another band breaks up. Jack’s Mannequin is no longer a band, but I have faith that Andrew will continue to make more music. Just listen to this song that he just recorded on a whim: His story of the song: one last song I have been well aware, throughout my career, how rare […]

New Music Wednesday – Imagine Dragons

If you are friends with me on Facebook, or follow me on Rdio, you know that this band has been on repeat for me for the past few weeks. I first heard Imagine Dragons on 93.3 a few months ago, but it wasn’t until I heard that they were opening for Awolnation that I actually […]

New Music Monday – Go Radio

I know I am probably one of the last people who listen to the radio as often as I do, but I love it! The other day at work I was listening to 93.3 online, and instead of playing a million commercials, they play more music! I have discovered many bands, both local and national, […]

New Music and A Kick-Ass Show for $9.33

Ok, so a few weeks ago I declared that I was going to bring you new music each Tuesday that I was digging. Unfortunately, I suck, and haven’t been the best at keeping up with my end of the bargain, although I have found many new bands, songs and artists. So all this week, I […]

New Music Tuesday – Rachel and The Kings – Underwater – Winners of Ford’s Gimme the Gig!

Not only does this post include a catchy new song, but a video on a few great artists. Even better? They are all local artists! My pick for a song this week is Rachel and the Kings’ song Underwater. (Full disclosure, my brother is one of the Kings, but I do still love this song. […]

New Music Tuesday – The xx’s Angels

I am so excited for UMS, and so disappointed in Green Day and No Doubt, that I forgot to post my New Music Tuesday pick! I was hoping this week would be a throw back to the 90’s punk scene, but after listening to Green Day and No Doubt’s new songs a few times, I […]

New Music Tuesday – The Early November’s In Currents Album

Kaila and I love Ace Enders and The Early November, so this week’s new music was a no-brainer.

New Music Tuesday – Muse’s song Survival

Yes, I am a few days late. I blame it on having a holiday in the middle of the week, because let’s face it, today seems like Tuesday. Either way, what better way to celebrate summer than with the theme song for the 2012 Summer Olympics? That’s right, Muse’s song Survival is the official song […]

New Music Tuesday – Maroon 5’s Overexposed

Yes, I am going to go a little pop on you right now. Just because I am indiebitch, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy other genres at the same time. I remember falling in love with Maroon 5 back in 2002, when they played at CU for the New Student Welcome concert on Farrand field. […]

New Music Tuesday – Walk the Moon

Yes, I am a day late with this one, so sue me. 93.3 KTCL has been playing this Walk the Moon’s song Anna Sun for a few weeks now, but I am really digging the whole album, especially Jenny. What do you guys think?

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