New Music Tuesday – Sleeper Agent’s Celebrasion

Out today is Sleeper Agent’s first full length album Celebrasion. Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Sleeper Agent perform at Moe’s Original BBQ in Englewood. While I was only vaguely aware of the band prior to the concert, I am still surprised that they played such a small venue! Guaranteed the next time they come through, it will be at a much bigger venue.

Who is Sleeper Agent? They are a garage-rock/pop band from Kentucky who are so incredibly talented and very young! That does not mean that they are not versed in the industry, I mean they are friends with local Bowling Green band, Cage The Elephant.

Also, in their songs it is easy to hear the many, varied, influencers. Their lead singer Alex Kandel sounds like a mix between The XX and Karen O but looks more like a Zooey Deschenel. Combine that with the raspy Jack White inspired voice of Tony Smith and you have an unbeatable pair who is a blast to watch. Plus, you have to admire her persistence when she met the band until she joined (full bio here). I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard one of their songs on an Apple commercial in the coming months.

I am not sure what the relationship status is between Tony and Alex, but as you can see in some of the videos below, they are incredibly flirty toward each other, both on stage and off. My favorite is their interaction while singing on Bottomed Out, with the back and forth singing into the same mic, which she playfully pulls him around and tousles his hair. Seriously, it is a must watch video.

Their album Celebrasion was just released, but has been on repeat on my iPhone/computer for the past 2 weeks. Full album here (courtesy of

This is what you missed out on from their concert last week:

I hope you enjoy this band and the videos, and please go check them out next time they come through your town.

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