Band: Vices I Admire

It’s not very often that I can say there are immoral and wicked activities that I regard with warm approval, however now that Vices I Admire have been brought to my attention, I might have to say otherwise. Being a very well-known fact that I enjoy heavier/bolder music and even am known to be more of a “grungy bitch” than an “indie bitch”, when it was recommended that(because of my love for bands such as The Photo Atlas and Take To The Oars) I give Vices I Admire a listen, I was in. Denver has easily one of the best music scenes; not merely because of the amount of talent that there is, but also largely because there’s so many diverse sounds. The Politics of Apathy, the first album released by Vices I Admire, reminds me entirely of a vocal sound combination of so many different people all in one that I can’teven give you a good example.

Vices I Admire

Vices I Admire

The fact that I can’t think of who this band reminds me of is a very good thing; originality. ‘Keep Killin’ Me’ reminded me a lot of something along the lines of Candlebox but with such an extraoridinarily different sound. I’m extremely picky about who I listen to and honestly I’m quite judgemental when it comes to music because I don’t believe that everyone can be considered a musician, however – I believe Vices I Admire are just that. This band is right up my alley.  While there are so many rock, grunge, hardcore, pop, alternative, bands in this city, each and every song of Vices I Admire that I’ve listened to has a little piece of  every single genre. Their combination of percussion and heavy guitar sound puts me in the exact same mood that I get into when I listen to bands such as Alice In Chains, Candlebox, Local H, and even Blind Melon. Not being a very big fan of screamo because I think it sounds quite ridiculous, when lead singer David Curtis screams, it doesn’t sound like screaming. It flows. One thing that I can very highly respect is a singer who can pull this sort of thing off(i.e. David Draiman) and I really love the vibe that Vices I Admire sets off. Their sound is like the feeling you get after drinking an entire pot of coffee and not in the jittery way, in the way that you can feel your heart beating. Your feet stomping. Your entire body singing to this sound. I felt sort of like I woke up from a two day sleep and awoke to something…refreshing.


‘Cavity’ puts me in such a mood that I don’t even know how to express how I feel other than defined by the instrumental design and voice of this perfectly put together band. Sitting in Barnes and Noble surrounded by college kids, tapping my feet and shaking my head to the beat of Mark Towne’s(Drummer) beats and Mickey Dollar(Guitar) and Dan Battenhouse’s(Bass) sound may make me look like a complete lunatic to all the college kids writing their papers, but damn; I don’t think I’ve ever been so pumped inside a Barnes and Noble in my entire life. This is definitely a band to watch out for and something that should be on at least three different play lists that you have on your iPod because of their compelling sense of diversity with every single note. These guys are my suggestion for October, don’t miss out on them.

Listen to all of Vices I Admire here.




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