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With the holidays coming right around the corner, lately I’ve been asking just about everyone what they want for Christmas. If you weren’t already wondering, almost all of my friends happen to be musicians; making it extremely easy to shop for them. One of the best gifts that I could’ve asked for this year, however, I already got; music. The Denver music scene has produced so many amazing bands that have made it very large in the industry, names like The Fray, One Republic, Flobots, Breathe Carolina and 3OH!3 are merely just a few that have become well known around the country, even the world. What I’ve learned over the past year, without a doubt, is that the music industry is one of the most competitive industries there is out there. Everyone is trying to become something big and there’s definitely no lack of talent throughout Colorado. One of the bands that has started to really emerge and make it into those next steps of becoming something majorly colossal is My Body Sings Electric.

The five part band is releasing their new single on December 6th, luckily I was given the opportunity to listen to it before that and I’m very, very impressed. There aren’t any songs of My Body Sings Electric’s that I don’t like, regardless, it amazes me the following that this band has continued to have; one of the largest fan bases I’ve seen with the exception to a few of my other favorite local bands. Their sound is something that’s quite different than the other locals, a little more pop-ish and always very high energy kind of songs. The kind of songs that no matter where I am, what time of day it is, who I’m with, or what I’m doing, instantly puts me in an amazingly luscious mood. My body is literally singing electric every time I listen to My Body Sings Electric. The band is starting their fall tour, Terminatour, next Saturday, November 26th until December 2nd, with their single “Doctor” releasing on the 6th to the public. I suggest everyone keep a close eye on this band, they’re doing fantastic things right now, luckily I’ve gotten to see these butterflies spread their wings.



Terminatour 2011:

Saturday, November 26 – Bremerton, WA – Hi-Fidelity Lounge

Sunday, November 27 – Portland, OR – Ash Street Saloon

Monday, November 28 – Medford, OR – Johnny B’s

Tuesday, November 29 – San Francisco, CA – Kimo’s

Thursday, December 1 – Anaheim, CA – The Doll Hut

Friday, December 2 – Las Vegas, NV – The Freakin’ Frog


My Body Sings Electric:




MBSE Website


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