Cabin By The Sea Tour: The Expendables

Every summer there are numerous concerts that get our blood flowing and our hearts racing. Tons of bands stop in Denver every year and Monika and I are more than lucky to live in such a great state where we get to experience the music that we do. This year the beloved band, The Expendables, […]

EP: Air Dubai’s “Warning”

Every so often we’re incredibly lucky to be given a chance to listen to some of the first pieces of new upcoming music in our Denver scene. One of the best examples being some of Monika and I’s favorites, Air Dubai. From having their music played on MTV’s Jersey Shore and getting signed with Hopeless […]

The UMS Releases First Lineup for 2013

As you all know, our favorite local music event of the year in Denver has always been the UMS, or Underground Music Showcase as all of you non-goers probably call it. Every year the bands that perform this event are promising, it’s some of the most highly-anticipated 4 days of our entire summer. Monika and […]


Pretty recently we had the opportunity (thanks to some of our favorite people in the scene) to attend the annual SummerGrind Music Festival. While I know that we are labeled as “indie bitches”, I’ve always tended to be more of a punk rock bitch. The second that I heard that Leftover Crack, Orphans, Elway, and […]

Higher Ground Music Festival: 8/24-8/26

After a great weekend at The Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase, although we’re still recovering (and slowly), these bitches are already ready for more. There’s tons of events going on this summer – it’s dangerously close to being one of the best summers that we’ve ever had. One of the upcoming events that we’re looking […]

The 12th Annual UMS – Thursday Edition

UMS. UMS. UMS. The Denver Underground Music Showcase is, by far, one of Monika and I’s most looked forward to event of the year. It’s where we discovered Indie Bitches, became a duo of music loving, concert going girls, and have continued doing so ever since. We love this local event as much as we […]

The Hate Album Release Show on 6/15 ft. In The Whale and All Capitals.

After an incredibly hectic week of concerts last week (what else is new), this week is nothing short of the exact same agenda. As I’m sure many of you are already planning, and if you’re not you should be, Monika and I will be at Warped Tour this Sunday – we’re stoked. It’s going to […]

Free Josh Lee.

Our really good friend Josh Lee needs to be free. Thanks to Mr. Thompson, “FREE JOSH LEE” fundraising t-shirts are available! Let’s show our support for Josh, his talent, and his hard work. We all have such a huge amount of love for Josh and here at Indie Bitches, we personally couldn’t imagine this beautiful […]

Featured Band Discovery: Strange Americans

Just a few hours ago I went down into the madness that was Denver Day of Rock to go see and visit with the guys in Air Dubai. Monika had a family day so I was all by my lonesome which doesn’t happen too often at music events, this was actually the first time at […]

Fighting For Fessler: An Event Of Support

An extremely important event is happening this Thursday, May 10th at 7:00PM at The Marquis. Of course all of the local music events that we support are held very closely to our hearts but this Thursday, with the help of our friends in Della, Monroe Monroe, Mr. Right, and The Marquis Theater, we’re able to support something that […]

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