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Just a few hours ago I went down into the madness that was Denver Day of Rock to go see and visit with the guys in Air Dubai. Monika had a family day so I was all by my lonesome which doesn’t happen too often at music events, this was actually the first time at a festival I went solo. Of course with the people who don’t know how to walk quickly, children, and drunks it was a lively time in the sun (not complaining because I actually really enjoy festivals) but anyways, getting onto subject….as I was waiting for Air Dubai to finish setting up, I was sitting on the ledge of stage left and as usual there was a guy handing out fliers. As expected at these sort of outdoor festival things, I always end up with at least 5 stickers to take home, a couple handmade EP’s and even sometimes a  woven bracelet. After Air Dubai played an hour long set that, to say the very least, had the crowd humming, I ran around with some friends for a little bit and eventually came home.

Going through all of the stickers and fliers that I got today, most of them were from bands I already knew – actually all of them but one were. A medium-sized square sticker that was completely plain except for a stereo (or maybe a briefcase but I’m guessing stereo) with a black label on it “Strange Americans”. I didn’t talk to the guy that gave me the sticker, usually when people give me free things I take them and just smile and nod because it usually looks like they’ve been fighting off people who have told them to screw off already 30 or so times. Naturally I wasn’t going to not look up something that I hadn’t heard of, typed “Strange Americans” into the search on Facebook and whadda ya know; a band popped up. Honestly I always expect the absolute worst when individuals tell me to “check out their band” or “take this sticker with my bands name on it” because it’s safe to say that there are more than a few really awful bands out there that are simply not going to make it. Shockingly, none of my friends have even clicked “like” on this band that I could see, regardless I still decided to listen to them. Guess what? I like Strange Americans, a lot. I have no idea where these guys are from but they deserve to have more than 470 likes on Facebook. Their sound is a hell of a lot different than most of the bands that I’ve heard, it’s pretty evident that they’re on a different spectrum but in the best possible way. Their Americana sound is something that really, really appeals to me – possibly because I’m a huge Springsteen fan. Now, I’m not comparing these gentlemen to The Boss because, of course, nobody beats Bruce, but I would pay to see Strange Americans live. Strange Americans are what would be created if Lucero had a baby with Ryan Adams’ album “Fire and Ashes” and had Springsteen playing while in the act.

The lead singers voice isn’t raspy like Ben Nichols but it’s extremely bold, it makes you really listen to what he’s singing about. It has that sound that reminds you about good things in life, like beer and nice weather. It isn’t boring, it’s not haphazard, doesn’t drag, and most importantly it’s put together very, very well. If the men in Strange Americans have never been in a band before, or this is the first band that they have been in – they fooled me. They’re completely on point with their sound, they found exactly what works for them and it works damn well.  They’re planning on releasing an album on June 30th with a show at the Hi-Dive. I suggest everyone check these guys out if a folky kind of rockish sound is something that appeals to you and if it isn’t, check them out anyways because they’ll probably change your mind. If anyone else has heard of these guys, please let me know because I’m still trying to figure out how I just now found out about them.


Check out their Facebook

Listen to some of their music at their Reverb page.

Like I said, check out Strange Americans, it’s definitely a sound that’s different and something that’s perfect for the summer season, like cold lemonade on a hot day – so refreshing.



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  1. amanda

     /  June 3, 2012

    so glad you found these guys! strange americans are the real deal!


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