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As Bob Marley once so lovingly said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” And how true it is. These days there are a lot of bands trying to get exposure, a lot of musicians transitioning into new things, and then there are the ones that are newly surficing. Popcult happens to be one of those bands. Just recently releasing their EP and coming into the Denver music scene, Popcult (Justin Renaud, Tyler Venter, Alex Halvorson, and Brandon Proff) is starting to catch on like wildfire. After playing a show with Mr. Right and Yeah Great Fine at Moe’s Original BBQ on 10/7, among a few others, the band is really starting to get the credit that they deserve.  The second I heard ‘Moon Memory’, I was drunk with love for this band. Popcult’s 6 song EP is like a soundtrack to the best dream I’ve ever had. Their sound is so smooth and something that really gets you thinking, rather than just listening. Hearing Popcult for the first time was like being a child and getting to experience a Creamsicle, it was just…yummy. Without a doubt, Popcult is going to make it in this industry and I plan on supporting them the entire way. The self-titled EP can be found on YouTube as well as Spotify. Don’t risk having regrets, get out and listen to this band, you won’t be sorry, hell, you’ll probably thank me.

Next Show: Larimer Lounge on 10/27 with Medic and Radiation



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Photo Credit: Luca Venter

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