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It’s a very good assumption that if you come to Indie Bitches, you’re wanting to hear about Denver local bands, releases, shows, and events in general. By making that assumption, I’m guessing that most of you have heard of bands such as The Doors, The Black Keys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The White Stripes, right? Now another big question here is: what do these bands all have in common? Obviously they’re all incredibly talented and well-known musicians, but did you happen to notice that they’re successful without bass players? In The Whale is one of our local bands who was willing to take this risk. Their 2 part band releases an EP, “Cake”, at The Hi-Dive on January 28th, something all of you should be attending.

I remember the very day I first got my experience in the whale, it was with My Body Sings Electric, we were yall extremely hung over from the previous night of day three of the Underground Music Festival, and of course began drinking at eight that morning to try to and recover. I remember there were only a few people there that morning(anything before noon is early in music world), I was sitting in the front, feeling like hell and holding my beer like a cross. When Nate(guitar, vocals) and Eric(drums, backup vocals) came out I was expecting something along the lines of John Mayer, but instead got what I like to think of as if Ben Folds and Joan Jett having a lovechild with the heavy guitar sound of Jimmy Page. I will never forget looking back at Monika and saying “These guys are gonna be huge. They’re so damn beyond good!” As I danced in my seat uncontrollably. In The Whale was jaw-dropping. “Woman” was the first song I ever heard, one that will never get old no matter how many times I listen to it.

“Guys will do absolutely anything for a girl. It’s about how pretty girls, in our society, can get whatever they want.” Told Nate. The band originally started out as an acoustic project, when Nate met Eric the project turned 180 degrees and they were set in stone. “Eric and I just got along so well that we never wanted to add anyone else. We didn’t want to fuck it up.” Nate said after I asked him the reasoning for not involving a bass player. Influences such as The White Stripes, Silverstein, Third Eye Blind and Local H made the band evolve into something that’s ready to break out of its cage and bite the world. Who would’ve thought that something composed of only two men could create a rumble loud enough for the deaf to hear? In The Whale is a duo that’s definitely moving up fast, two men that are so in-sync with one another that it’s hard to keep your eyes or ears off of them when they take the stage. Don’t miss their house show on Dec. 16th, and the release of their first EP of the year, “Cake” at The Hi-Dive on January 28th, I know I won’t.


In The Whale:




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