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Down here at Indie Bitches we get to have some of the greatest experiences, from going to numerous shows in the Denver Metro area all the way to getting to listen to tracks before they’re officially released. Thanks to alternative rock band The Say So, we were able to recieve a couple copies of their first CD before anyone else, set to be released on Friday, June 8th at The Hi-Dive with Take To The Oars (we sure do seem to mention these guys a lot) and Eldren. The Say So is a four part Denver-based band consisting of members Sean Palmer (vocals, guitar), Noah Fisher (guitar), Chris Beeble (bass), and Rob Spradling (drums). I’ve spent the better half of 3 days going back and forth to their new cd, “The Romantic”, and previous releases such as “En Plein Air” and “Something Like Wind”. After listening to “The Romantic” at least four times, I’ve come to one strong conclusion – this album is a new side of The Say So. It’s very clear that “The Romantic” was an album that had a lot of love and thought put into it, it’s vividly apparent in the more matured sound displayed.

Photo Credit: Christopher Kuehl

Last year after I discovered The Say So at a show with The Epilogues in August at Summit Music Hall, I fell in absolute love with their song “Inside” on the EP “En Plein Air”. I started doing a little more research over the months and saw them again, with The Epilogues, on March 24th this year.  If you’ve never been a show for The Say So, put it on your bucket list. The combination of lively energy that they display is enough to grab anyones attention, the system of lighting that they have designed is more than enough to do just that. The Say So themselves made two lightboards and four LED towers made out of, and I kid you not, old see-through shoe boxes that put out over 300 watts of electricity in the form of light, all completely syncopated with their songs. It’s one thing to go to a show and have a band that catches your ear, but these guys have really grasped the concept of holding the attention of the audience in the palm of their hands. I’m extremely excited for these gentlemen to be releasing their first full-length CD in June, something that they’ve been working on for well over 2 years.

When talking to Sean, lead singer of The Say So, I felt like the most important question to ask was simply why they decided to name the album “The Romantic”, here was his response: “When it came time to name the album, it was just really apparent to us that it had to be called The Romantic. That title embodies everything about the album. The lyrics, the art direction, the stories, musically and melodically…it just fits. It doesn’t just play off the whole ‘love vibe’ between two people, which is kind of an obvious theme in a lot of the songs we write. It represents the battle in which any person has who fully divulges themselves into their art whether it be music, a relationship, writing, their job, anything really, and we felt that way when writing and recording the album so…it stuck.”

Without telling too much detail, I’ll say that “The Romantic” is a lusty combination of modern indie-alternative rock and heartfelt lyrics that have indulged in the feelings of love and heartbreak, things that every romantic experiences. I expect their release to, without a doubt, be a mind-blowing experience that’s going to capture the hearts and ears of all different sides of the Denver music scene. Make sure you mark your calendars and get your $8 presale tickets now, it would be absolutely no surprise to me if this show sold out. In the slight chance that you can’t make their CD release, definitely make sure that you see them play at Sean and Pete’s farewell show with The Heyday on May 12th at The Marquis, also featuring Sam Lee. Listen to one of the new tracks from “The Romantic” here:


Get all the details for their release show on June 8th at The Hi-Dive here, tickets are $8.00 presale/$10.00 at the door, doors at 8PM, show at 9PM


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