Free Josh Lee.

Our really good friend Josh Lee needs to be free. Thanks to Mr. Thompson, “FREE JOSH LEE” fundraising t-shirts are available! Let’s show our support for Josh, his talent, and his hard work. We all have such a huge amount of love for Josh and here at Indie Bitches, we personally couldn’t imagine this beautiful music scene without him. This means the world to us, Josh means the world to us. I couldn’t imagine being friends with a nicer, more genuine person than Josh Lee and quite frankly, we’re incredibly heartbroken that this even happened. 2 different designs to choose from, $16 each, cash only. Every penny will go to Josh’s legal defense. Send size, and which of the two designs you’d like, to Michael Thompson over at Everyday (In The Mile High) -shirts are now on sale and they’ll be here in a week! Support, support, support, this is our family. “Ohauna means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

Help us out.

Contact Michael here.

We love you Josh Lee.

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