The Hate Album Release Show on 6/15 ft. In The Whale and All Capitals.

After an incredibly hectic week of concerts last week (what else is new), this week is nothing short of the exact same agenda. As I’m sure many of you are already planning, and if you’re not you should be, Monika and I will be at Warped Tour this Sunday – we’re stoked. It’s going to be a really great weekend-topper even more so however when The Hate hosts their album release show at The Hi-Dive with In The Whale and All Capitals. I’ve had a couple chances to listen to the new album thanks to our good friend Mark, bassist for The Hate, and I’m more than looking forward to this release show. With influences like¬†Rancid, Against Me, Foo Fighters, AFI, The Strokes, Rage Against the Machine, and even Jay-Z, The Hate is the type of rebellious sound that attracts my ears before almost any type of music. Like it says almost everywhere you see their name “The Hate is the empowered musical voice of a youth culture that is seeking a new rebellion”.

I’m all about the punk rock and I will back it up any day by saying that punk will never die. Punk rock has changed a lot over the years and while a lot of people think it’s “dead” or “not nearly as good” anymore – I think you’re wrong. ¬†Artists like Against Me!, Alkaline Trio, The Gaslight Anthem, The Lawrence Arms, and so many others put that to the test and The Hate is growing right along the same lines. The three part band has a raw sound that is so flattering it makes me remember all of the beautiful things I love about rebellious punk rock music, being against “the man”, and just wanting to bang my head to the sounds of fast chords and raunchy vocals. The Hate’s sound is something that’s completely unyielding and it’s no surprise that their music effects me the way that it does. I’ve never had the privelage to go to a show or seen The Hate live, maybe that’s why I’m so stoked to see them on Friday, but I do imagine that there’d be nothing less than enthusiasm over their sound – I don’t plan on missing their album release for anything. Dan Aid’s vocals are like one of the best drinks that I’ve ever had after an exceptionally bad week at work – we all know what the feels like; heaven. Monika and I recently had drinks before The Say So‘s release show last Friday with a good friend of hers, Kyle, and a little more than halfway of us being done he asked us if we’d ever heard of a band called The Hate. I couldn’t help but smile and talk about how excited I was for their upcoming show on 6/15, Kyle couldn’t help but talk about how much he loved them more than the other bands playing the night he first experienced the punk-rock trio. The show is this Friday, June 15th at The Hi-Dive, 18+, presales are only $5. Make sure you don’t miss this one.

The Hate:

Event Page for 6/15’s Album Release

Official Website





Also make sure that you check out In The Whale and All Capitals.

See you at the show!

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