New Music Tuesday – Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra

This is another band that I discovered while listening to 93.3 online. Not sure why I hadn’t heard of Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra before, considering she raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter and her album debuted at Number 10 on Billboard…without a record label!

She just so happened to be coming through Denver on the same night that I discovered her. After listening to a few of her songs, I decided that I just had to go and see her and boy am I glad that I did! She put on a fantastic show and even crowd surfed while singing an entire song!

Not only is she a Kickstarter darling, I love what she is doing with social media in general. She has a section on her site where she features Instagram photos that have been tagged #AmandaPalmer. You can see two of mine up at the top right now (one on the top left, and then the one right below it too)!

While she didn’t play the one song that I wanted to hear Do It With A Rockstar, I did enjoy the rest of the set.

Can’t you see why I wanted to hear this song? If she comes back into town soon, you know where to find me!

New Music Monday – Go Radio

I know I am probably one of the last people who listen to the radio as often as I do, but I love it! The other day at work I was listening to 93.3 online, and instead of playing a million commercials, they play more music! I have discovered many bands, both local and national, through listening to 93.3 via The latest discovery was Go Radio. I know, I know. Where have I been? This is the song I fell in love with, Go To Hell:

Then I discovered that they have covered Adele as well:

And? Their album just came out last Tuesday:

Even better? I found out that they are going to be at the Marquis…tonight!! So, of course I am going to go!

New Music and A Kick-Ass Show for $9.33

Ok, so a few weeks ago I declared that I was going to bring you new music each Tuesday that I was digging. Unfortunately, I suck, and haven’t been the best at keeping up with my end of the bargain, although I have found many new bands, songs and artists. So all this week, I am going to share the songs that I am obsessed with, or acts that I have recently discovered. Hopefully after this week I will get back into the habit of posting new music every week!

Today I give you I Fight Dragons. Not only do they cover killer songs like Power of Love:

But they create music using old Nintendo controllers!

Their music is fun to listen to and they are even more fun to watch live at a concert. They will be in Denver on November 20th at the Bluebird Theatre. For today only, tickets are $9.33! So go get them now and hang out with me (Monika) in November!


Pretty recently we had the opportunity (thanks to some of our favorite people in the scene) to attend the annual SummerGrind Music Festival. While I know that we are labeled as “indie bitches”, I’ve always tended to be more of a punk rock bitch. The second that I heard that Leftover Crack, Orphans, Elway, and Potato Pirates were all going to be at the same venue in one day, in the sun, where I was able to get both BBQ and beer – I was first to sign up. Bands like these are by no means for the soft-hearted, they’re practically what get me going every morning when I’m trying to convince myself to be awake in those small seconds right before I enjoy my couple of pots of coffee ( I know, I’m bound to end up like Dave Grohl in Fresh Pots, I’ve heard it already). SummerGrind was an incredibly well put together event – the crowd was huge, the sound was on point, and I only managed to see several cops show up at one occassion for an extremely drunk male that was hanging out on the sidewalk. Overall the event was a huge success and I genuinely hope that if we ever find the time and funds to throw a music event of our own with Denver bands across the board, I want it to draw a crowd like the one at The Gothic and Moe’s for Summergrind. Everyone was more than pleased with the event itself, you could stand just about anywhere in the huge mass and still hear crystal clear Ska and Punk music without any problem. I’m pretty sure that I was the only person on the block not wearing a Black Flag shirt or some form of black clothing but the crowds at the types of events like Summergrind make you feel like you’re at home regardless. We owe a huge thanks to Danny Sax and Chrissy Greco for giving us such a great opportunity to experience the other side of Denver Music (the non-indie side), are extremely thankful to be a part of this scene. We’re really looking forward to going back to The Gothic and Moe’s in the near future – especially for  Bop Skizzum’s CD release w/ Rachel and The Kings, In The Whale, and Rebel Tongue on October 6th, along with Unwritten Law in November, who we haven’t seen since last year at The Aggie. Make sure you check out The Gothic at for schedules online or even in this week’s Westword on pg. 42. See you soon!

Check out the gallery:

Higher Ground Music Festival: 8/24-8/26

After a great weekend at The Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase, although we’re still recovering (and slowly), these bitches are already ready for more. There’s tons of events going on this summer – it’s dangerously close to being one of the best summers that we’ve ever had. One of the upcoming events that we’re looking extremely forward to is the Higher Ground Music Festival. Over 40 of our favorites bands and musicians are playing, back-to-back, in our very own mountains in Central City. If you love indie rock as much as we do, we know that you’re going to want to spend the weekend drinking, jamming, and camping with some of the best people we’ve ever met. Interested in camping out with the bands? You can. Don’t want to camp and would rather stay in a lodge? You can. Want to enjoy delicious music and beverages alike? You will. The event takes place August 24-26th and features bands that will forever change your life and the way you look at our wonderful music scene. While camping and partying, you’ll also get to experience some of the best talent that Colorado’s music industry has to offer. While there are a few bands still working on being added to the lineup, so far here’s what’s going on:

Wheelchair Sports Camp, Input, Rubedo, Izcalli, Musuji, Red Fox Run, Too Late For Tomorrow

SATURDAY AUGUST 25th: The EPILOGUES, The Photo Atlas, The Royal Heist / from North Hollywood, The Swayback, Kill Paradise, Regret Night, Caramel Carmela, Be Brave, Ashtree,
Nautical Mile, T Shirts 4 Tomorrow, Gang Forward, The Whicker and Pine

SUNDAY AUGUST 26th: Fierce Bad Rabbit, James and the Devil, PLACES. Eldren, The Foot, In The Whale, You Me and Apollo, The Yawpers, Caleb Slade, The Say So.

Sounds pretty good, right? Actually, it sounds a hell of a lot better than good – it sounds amazing. Now you’re probably thinking, “But Indie Bitches, what if there’s a concert that I want to see in the city that I might miss by going to Higher Ground Music Festival?” Don’t worry music lovers – there isn’t. They’re all going to be at this event…and I mean all of them. We love Blackhawk as much as music itself and when the two are combined, it’s damn well near being heaven. This isn’t going to be something that anyone should miss. Make sure you get to Higher Ground Music Festival!


Check out all the details at

Follow the festival on Twitter

Check out the Facebook

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New Music Tuesday – Rachel and The Kings – Underwater – Winners of Ford’s Gimme the Gig!

Not only does this post include a catchy new song, but a video on a few great artists.

Even better? They are all local artists!

My pick for a song this week is Rachel and the Kings’ song Underwater. (Full disclosure, my brother is one of the Kings, but I do still love this song. It’s been stuck in my head for weeks!)

Rachel and the Kings went to LA with Bop Skizzum and Josh Blackburn for Ford’s Gimme the Gig challenge. The winner got to record a song with legendary producer Don Was out of a Ford Focus. Rachel and the Kings were the lucky winners!

The whole weekend was filmed and aired in LA this past weekend. Check out the episode below. I love how Don Was and all of the judges talk about how great the Denver music scene is.

Looks like this experience was really good for all of the bands that got to participate. I love how Ford is supporting unsigned bands and giving them such amazing opportunities. Hope this continues to be a trend.

You can download Underwater from iTunes now.

Rachel and the Kings also played their first show this past weekend at UMS and below are a few videos from their set on YouTube. My channel has even more great UMS bands, so definitely check it out!


The Underground Music Showcase – Saturday’s Schedule #UMS

It has been a very successful UMS so far! With 2 nights under our belts, we are ready to take on the weekend. The next 2 days will be hot, full of great music and likely many beers (Breckenridge Brewery and PBR – we are indie after all). Will you be around? We’d love to meet you all! I’ll be the one in a boot:


Here is Monika’s schedule for Saturday:

“NO LABEL, NO MANAGEMENT, NO PROBLEM” Panel @ 1PM at South Broadway Christian Church
“CREATING A SCENE IN 2012″ Panel @ 2:15PM at South Broadway Christian Church
The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact @ 3PM at Gildar Gallery
The Foot @ 4PM at Denver Wheel Club 404
Flashbulb Fires @ 4:15PM at Meese House
Tim Bruns @ 5PM at Hornet
Sour Boy Bitter Girl @ 5PM at Skylark
Post Paradise @ 6PM at Moe’s
Caleb Slade @ 6PM at South Broadway Christian Church
The Heyday @ 6PM at Hornet
Guantlet Hair @ 6PM at Main Stage at Goodwill
In the Whale @ 6:15PM at Meese House
A Place to Bury Strangers @ 7PM Main Stage at Goodwill
Bethany Kelly @ 7PM at Hornet
Bonnie and the Beard @ 7PM at Denver Wheel Club 404
Centennial @ 7:15PM at Meese House
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake @ 8 PM at Main Stage at Goodwill
Take to the Oars @ 8PM at Skylark
Churchill @ 8:15PM at Meese House
Ian Cooke (solo) @ 9PM at South Broadway Christian Church
The Knew @ 10PM at 3 Kings Tavern
The Swayback @ 10PM at The Hi-Dive
I Sank Molly Brown @ 10PM at Moe’s
Kentucky Street Parlor Pickers @ 10PM at Gary Lee’s Motor Pub and Grub
Fierce Bad Rabbit @ 11PM at Moe’s
Dressy Bessy @ 11PM at Skylark
A Tom Collins @ 12AM 3 Kings Tavern
Air Dubai @ 12AM at The Hi-Dive
Eldren @ 12AM at Moe’s
Flashlights @ 12AM at Compound Basix
Serious Moonlight @ 12AM at Gary Lee’s Motor Pub and Grub

Holy shit that is a lot of music! Yes, there are a ton of bands playing at the same time, and yes, I will try to see them all. It is possible to walk (with a boot) from Skylark to Moe’s and see 4 bands in an hour. Let’s see how many times I can do that today!

See you out there!

New Music Tuesday – The xx’s Angels

I am so excited for UMS, and so disappointed in Green Day and No Doubt, that I forgot to post my New Music Tuesday pick! I was hoping this week would be a throw back to the 90’s punk scene, but after listening to Green Day and No Doubt’s new songs a few times, I just couldn’t post them on here as my pick. Instead, going to go with The xx’s new song Angels.

Pretty much the opposite of 90’s punk, but enjoyable nonetheless. Plus, they are coming to the Boulder Theatre October 17th!

Now off to listen to more UMS bands!

The 12th Annual UMS – Thursday Edition

UMS. UMS. UMS. The Denver Underground Music Showcase is, by far, one of Monika and I’s most looked forward to event of the year. It’s where we discovered Indie Bitches, became a duo of music loving, concert going girls, and have continued doing so ever since. We love this local event as much as we love chocolate oranges. We’ll be keeping you updated with our plans, our tastes differ every once in awhile but for starters, this is my schedule for Thursday. I’m really, really looking forward to seeing Alone At 3AM at the Skylark, I fell in love with the Ohio-based band just a couple of weeks ago and they’re definitely my priority “have to see” on the first day of the UMS. Let us know if there’s anyone you feel like is a must see, we’d love to hear who you’re excited to see and what your schedules are for the beloved event!

Thursday’s Schedule by Kaila:

Fairchildren @ 8PM at Irish Rover
Wire Faces @ 8PM at 3 Kings Tavern
Western Haunts @ 9PM at Denver Wheel Club 404
Alone At 3Am @ 10PM at Skylark ***Editor’s Choice
Petals of Spain @ 10PM at Moe’s BBQ
Bike Theft @ 11PM at Irish Rover
Bad Weather California @ 11PM at 3 Kings Tavern
Cloud Nothings @ 12PM at 3 Kings Tavern
Rags & Ribbons @ 12PM at Hornet
Bop Skizzum @ 12PM at Moe’s

Thursday’s Schedule by Monika:

Wire Faces @ 8PM at 3 Kings Tavern
StaG @ 10PM at Delite
Alone At 3Am @ 10PM at Skylark
Petals of Spain @ 10PM at Moe’s BBQ
Lizzie Huffman @ 10PM at Hornet
Bad Weather California @ 11PM at 3 Kings Tavern
Cloud Nothings @ 12PM at 3 Kings Tavern
Rags & Ribbons @ 12PM at Hornet **Reco from My Body Sings Electric
Bop Skizzum @ 12PM at Moe’s


Check out more details for the Underground Music Showcase at their official site

New Music Tuesday – The Early November’s In Currents Album

Kaila and I love Ace Enders and The Early November, so this week’s new music was a no-brainer.

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